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Lost in concrete


No, this is not a lake. It is the old runway-now campground in Brooklyn

You got to be out of your right mind to take your camping van to New York. And for those nuts a deserted airport might as well serve as campground. Maybe they do not notice it. Something like that must have been in the head of some people in the National Park Service when they decided to do just that and when they converted the deserted airfield at the southern tip of Brookly into a campground. Grey concrete as far as the eye can see, almost no green spots, picnic tables between red barriers on the old runway which mark your place and even without water or electricity at a ridiculous price. Welcome to New York – you deserve it. Weiterlesen



Abandoned site near xyz, PA.

On our trip through the States I was confronted with two terms I was not familiar with. Fly-over-states and rust-belt. Oh yes, I could tell you how disgusted I am with the term fly-over-states and the people who use it, but not now. Rust belt is a different thing. I understand that the term applies to the former industrialized northern states, e.g. Michigan, Ohio, and Pennsylvania to name a few. It is actually the industrial heart of America, the foundation of its wealth and freedom. I feel kind of drawn to it because the Ruhr in Germany is a lot like it. Weiterlesen

Dearborne, Michigan – The Rouge

We got up real early, got some coffee at a gas station, filled up the tank and joined the crowd on I94 from Chikago to Detroit. Traveling on an interstate highway means you do not see very much of the land you are passing through and since traffic was heavy I had to concentrate on the road.

We made it for the first bus from the visitor center to the plant.The idea of Henry Ford was to build cars from scratch. So in the Rouge plant steelworks produce steel from ore, a glas plant makes glas from sand etc. From today’s lean production kind of view a real nightmare. But the plant has produced cars ever since and today the F150 is made here. An interesting tour if you forget about the touristy bloatware around it.

Michigan – Coldwater

On our way to Detroit we stop for the night in Coldwater, MI today. They have a very nice opera house from 1882.


Willow Creek Community Church

Just a short note on Willow Creek Community Church. We were unsure if to take this route at all but in the end we headed  for Chicago and attended the 9 o’clock service. It was quite an experience. We have been in many chirches and denominations on our trip and yes, we payed tribute to the Catholic church also, the Mother Ship so to speak. The forms of the services may differ, the buildings even more, but the gospel is the same everywhere. That is a very encouraging experience.


New Lennox, Illinois – Walmart at night

Have you been to a Walmart in the middle of the night lately? I have and I enjoyed it a lot. So sqeaky clean, so empty and yet so full. Since I did not need anything I bought some ice cream just to have something to show at the cashier’s. The self serving stations were closed so I was the only one at the only check out. It was checkout number 13. I bet they chose the number on purpose because of the Chinese. Perhaps it is not even an American company anymore, who knows. Perhaps Trump sold it to the Chinese to pay off some debts. He is famous for his deals.

Ultimate_HDR_Camera_20190616_052547 Weiterlesen

New Lenox, Illinois – Flag waving hippocrates


Right next to the muffins etc. from local bakeries, Walmart put this big sign. If you go further into the store you will find hardly anyhing that has been produced in The US. China, India, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Vietnam, you name it, only products that ship too long into the stores comes from the States it seems. Walmart pulled a similar stunt in the late 80s, when they advertized “Buy American” in the stores and at the same time forced suppliers to shift their production out of the country to China in order to boost profit margins. They run a business, I understand that. I just wished they were more truthful to their customers.

Chikago, Illinois


It is our habit to repeat mistakes over and over again. In the evening we went to have pizza Chikago style, as we were told by Patty. It is a deep dish pizza, in German Pfannenpizza. We should have left it at that. Instead we just had to go into the city and live with the consequences. Die Suche nach einem Parkplatz war ätzend, dagegen war der Riverwalk in der Innenstadt schön selbst im Regen. Chikago ist eben eine große Stadt und damit nichts für uns drei, und das wussten wir auch schon vorher. Weiterlesen

Corn Palace – Etwas für Vegetarier

In the 19teens shortly before the depression some citizens of Mitchell, South Dakota had the splendid idea to build a hall and call it the Corn Palace. It was decorated with real corn ears. Süd Dakota war damals nicht gerade bekannt für seinen Maisanbau und die Halle sollte Reklame dafür machen, mehr Mais, den die Amerikaner corn nennen, anzubauen. Die erste Veranstalttung in der neuen Halle wurde ein voller Erfolg und das Corn Festival von Mitchell war geboren. Seither finden hier Sport- und Unterhaltungsveranstaltungen statt. Die Dekoration außen und innen wird aus Maiskolben gemacht, die in verschiedenen Farben von den Farmern der Umgebung angeliefert werden.


Heute und 1915


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