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20190521_074037Harpo and I started the day with a long walk to look at Leavenworth in the early morning. Americans are early starters and by 7 am the little town was already in full swing. We admired the original Bavarian lüftl (outdoor) painting at the Howard Johnson’s Motor Lodge and went down to the Enchantment Park which turned out to be a collection of playgrounds for children and skate parcours for teens, picnic areas and ball fields for the adults. Here you have also access to the river and this is where the rafts are launched. Oh, and before I forget, there is no alcohol and no cannabis allowed in the park which is usually all the fun.

20190521_075101I looked over to the mountains and there were some Bavarian type houses in the distance. I could have sworn that we were in Bavaria. We passed the window of a souvenir shop which was full of steins. Americans love that shit although they almost always drink beer out of the bottle without even bothering to take a glass. “Pizza and Brats – Das ist gut Ja?” was written on the wall above four nicely decorated windows. That is probably a pizza place and it reminded Harpo and me that we had not eaten yet. When we came back to the street I was tempted to go into the little breakfast place but since Harpo is not allowed to go in there we passed and returned home to the car to get breakfast. Harpo just loves his dry food and we had a bowl of ananas, banana, grapes, apple, yogurt and granola.

We left around 8 am and the first thirty miles were a wonderful ride through the North American apple orchard. 50% of all apples sold in the US come from this area. We passed endless plantations of apple trees and huge warehouses and silos along the way.

The landscape changed and we drove through gigantic fields. From one end to the other the fields were exactly 1 mile long and wide. I suppose it were wheat fields, at least it looked like that to me, although I can barely tell wheat from barley. The fields were freshly tilled and if you were real patient you could watch the wheat grow in the morning sun.


It was almost 11 am when we left Washington State 2 and took a little detour to look at Sun Lakes – Dry Falls. These are the by far greatest falls in North America even greater than the Niagara Falls except they are dry. With a little fantasy you can imagine how it must have been during the ice age when the water was flooding the area. I wished I could have seen it or – on second thought – maybe not. It must have been pretty cold and mighty wet at the time and I would probably not have liked it anyway. So by and large it will be better these falls stay dry for the rest of the time. If you pass by it’s worth any detour.

Yi_1558464197265The landscape changed once again and we went through yellow fields of raps – in lack of an English word. Raps is a plant you make oil from and it is yellow and looks real pretty on a field. At 1 pm we got to Spokane. I was totally unprepared. Somebody had told me that Spokane is one of the unknown cities everybody forgets to write about in guides but this cannot be true. The waterfalls in the center of the city alone are worth the stay. They are so breathtakingly wild that you almost forget that you are in the middle of a city.

20190521_133628We loved it, got something to eat out of the car and sat down at a picnic table right next to the waterfalls. After we had explained to a nice lady that she could not buy our car from the spot – she wanted to have it as a gift for her son whom she had already sent a photo and he was fine with the purchase – we enjoyed our meal watching the water flow. It was a fantastic spot. I do not know much of Spokane but this moment alone will not be forgotten.

We crossed the Idaho panhandle and reached our campground in Montana in the evening. Washington – Idaho – Montana three states in one day. The campground was completely empty when we arrived. So we took a spot in the day use area right by the shore of Lake xxx. It is quiet and wonderful. The only thing you can hear are the freight trains passing by once in a while, a sound that I could get used to, or so I thought until I almost fell out of bed when a long freight train was passing blowing his horns in the middle of the night.


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