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The Casino in Florence, OR

Florence OR

Who started this? Whoever had the insane idea to allow casinos in Indian reservations all over the nation? James Lee Burke writes in New Iberia Blues that clever business people from New Jersey convinced the tribes to take a vice for a virtue and go into the casino business. But somebody must have started it on the legislative level. Casinos did not used to be treated like any ordinary business because they make the poor even poorer. In Germany the state has a monopoly to run casinos and that is a disgrace. And it is no big help that casinos are all in trouble because of online gambling. And by the way, there are no gambling halls in American cities, none, nada. In Germany “Automatengambling” is not considered gambling. As a result the inner cities have become wide spread gambling quaters. That’s even worse than the casinos in reservations and nothing to be proud of.

Anyway, the casino in Florence, Oregon is a small affair on a tiny stretch of reservation land. Whenever there is a Casino outside Las Vegas, Reno or Atlantic City, you can be sure that it is on an Indian reservation. This one has two gambling halls with approximately 250 slot machines. Well, slot machines is wrong, because there aren’t any slots anymore. The money is handled by membership cards and so there aren’t any people, almost always elderly people, with big buckets of quarters sitting with glassy eyes in front of one armed bandits pulling the long lever mechanically now and then. The 20 blackjack tables were empty, so were the two roulette tables with the “0” and the “00” slots.

For RV travelers casinos can be interesting because they usually let you park overnight in their parking lots. Since they are quiet those are good places to rest. In this one you were given a gambling card with 10$ after you had registered with security and that was it.

We don’t know how to gamble. We were sitting in front of the machine like hedgehogs in front of a washing machine. It was like those little machines they have for babies. They push a button or turn a wheel and it makes a sound and the little ones have fun. So did we. After we had lost 4.95 of the 10$ from the casino we cashed out and went to the restaurant. The pizza wasn’t bad and the cheeseburger neither.

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