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New Lennox, Illinois – Walmart at night

Have you been to a Walmart in the middle of the night lately? I have and I enjoyed it a lot. So sqeaky clean, so empty and yet so full. Since I did not need anything I bought some ice cream just to have something to show at the cashier’s. The self serving stations were closed so I was the only one at the only check out. It was checkout number 13. I bet they chose the number on purpose because of the Chinese. Perhaps it is not even an American company anymore, who knows. Perhaps Trump sold it to the Chinese to pay off some debts. He is famous for his deals.

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New Lenox, Illinois – Flag waving hippocrates


Right next to the muffins etc. from local bakeries, Walmart put this big sign. If you go further into the store you will find hardly anyhing that has been produced in The US. China, India, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Vietnam, you name it, only products that ship too long into the stores comes from the States it seems. Walmart pulled a similar stunt in the late 80s, when they advertized “Buy American” in the stores and at the same time forced suppliers to shift their production out of the country to China in order to boost profit margins. They run a business, I understand that. I just wished they were more truthful to their customers.

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