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Bay Area – Sausalito – Nick’s Cove, Tomales Bay, CA

We passed the night in a quiet spot just under the San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge next to the little Marina. If there were a hotel you probably wouldn’t want to afford the prices but that’s one of the benefits when you travel lightly by van.
We went to Sausalito and shopped at Trader’s Joe to fill up our groceries. I really felt at home in Sausalito. So many German cars you wouldn’t believe. I was surrounded by Mercs, Audis, BMWs, Porsches, Volkswagens etc and thought that this is the home of the American left. Contrary to what my ancestor Karl said, today those considered to be on the left wing of the üpolitical spectrum are at home in the better situated parts of the community, earn the higher wages and are better educated, whereas those who feel left out and exploited, have the more inferior jobs and often feel stressed turn to the right and and follow a leader who tells them how he will take care of them and their problems, bringing back the old jobs in industries that have long passed their prime. Meanwhile a cleptocracy of rich is exploiting public property by means of sophisticated tax evasion schemes that are totally foreign to the masses. The whole situation is absurd.

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