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Volkswagen Fans

Eric„Good evening.“ Der junge Mann um die 20 mit dem Zigarrenstumpen im Mund bleibt stehen. Wir sind in Hamburg, Pennsylvania, zum morgigen Hamburgerfest und suchen eine Stelle für die Nacht.

“Can you tell me if this is the place for overnight parking?”

“Well, actually, I don’t know. But sir, is this a Volkswagen? I’m a fan of Volkswagens. I love this car. It looks awesome. Just awesome.
What model is it?

A Volkswagen bus? That’s what they call it? Awesome. Is this a pop-up roof? And you can sleep in it? Awesome. Just awesome. Can I take a picture?”

“Sure, go ahead. What’s your name?”


“And you like cigars, Eric?”

“Yesss, sir, I love ‚em but your Volkswagen is even better. Awesome, really awesome.”


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