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Bombay Beach, CA – Calexico – Blair Valley


Screenshot_20190408-190718_My TracksWe left our place in the desert fairly early in the morning to go to the Salton Sea. We took Interstate 10 to Indio and Coachella and headed for Bombay Beach. The Salton Sea is one of the biggest lakes in California with a very interesting history. Actually it came into existence almost accidentally. It is more than 200 feet below sea level and does not have a natural evacuation. Over time it’s level of minerals and salt went higher and higher and today it shares the fate of the big salt lake in Utah. No fishing or boating, no tourism. High flying projects like in Bombay busted years ago because the lake also started smelling unpleasantly. What’s left of Bombay is a modern ghost town with about 200 people. There is a little store and a fire brigade but that’s about it. Years ago some artists from Southern California tried to reinvent the place but it seems too big a task. If you like places that are out of the ordinary, a little on the morbid side and that just don’t fit into glossy brochures you will definitely like Bombay, CA., a very unusual place.


I wanted to go to the Mexican border and we made it to Calexico by noon. The Quicksilver


American Parkways

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Even if you don’t like to drive your car in the tedious traffic of your hometown you will love the American Park ways. I had heard of them but I did not know what they were all about. In one word it’s a wonderful way to experience a landscape by car. Driving on


Great Smoky Gatlinburg Tennessee

Gatlinburg TN

Coming from Cherokee, North Carolina, after crossing the Great Smoky National Park which is exactly what the name stands for, a great smoky National Park, the park with the most visitors after all, you come to Gatlinburg, which presents itself as a Las-Vegas-for-the-poor, a Disney-land-under, a fantasy-less-land. It just won’t fit.

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