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Morro Bay

Santa Barbara – Morro Bay – San Louis Obispo, CA


Screenshot_20190412-180242_My TracksThe California countryside between Santa Barbara and Morro Bay on a spring day, who can ask for more.

But you have to be careful if you ask for too much more you will get something like Solvang, the Danish capital of the USA, a little town clearly on the kitschy side. The fake half timbered houses, the oh so cozy little cafés with Danish pastry and home brewed coffee (what else), the art galleries and boutique shops, all very well kept but just a little too cute. Besides who has ever heard of Danish pastry anyway. They must have picked that up in America.

We had lunch on the beach in Morro Bay with the famous rock right in front of us. Harpo found a couple of comrades to play with and we did not see him for a while, which was actually quite welcome. In the evening we went to the TV Tower Road in San Louis Obispo. What starts as a normal road becomes a challenge for off road vehicles and without the 4WD we would have been in great trouble. It is so steep in places I have never seen anything like it. When we got to the top around half a dozen vans and campers had made it already. The view on the city and the ocean is worth the challenge. Now we hope for good weather in the morning. Fog can be so thick that you can have trouble finding the road downhill.

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