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Milwaukee–Portland, Oregon –Vancouver, Washington


Screenshot_20190430-223224_PhotoMap[1]I should add something in regards to homeless people. Jonathan Kellerman, child psychologist and author of the Alex Delaware novels, describes in one of his books from the late nineties what had brought the homeless in the streets. I do not have the time right now to do proper research but the story went like this. In the nineties psychologists started to feel that because they could not help a lot of people the instead of accepting failure and need for more research it would be better to declare these people sane. If someone is sane nobody has the right to keep him or her in whatever institution and so the people were released and sent home. However, they were not sane in a sociological sense of the word which is to say able to live a normal life and consequently they all ended in the streets as homeless people.

When I was in Las Vegas in November the vice Weiterlesen

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