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Harpo in Nashville, TN

1700662-01„Let’s do it the dumbest possible way“ is written all over the rainbow colored t-shirt of the black kid who is approaching me and Harpo. We are in the little entrance hall of a Walmart in Nashville, Tennessee, waiting for Ulla who went inside shopping for shampoo. That is clearly not the brightest idea because the usual Walmart Supercenter is huge and regardless what you are looking for you never seem to come out of these stores in less than an hour. I’m sitting to the left of the automatic sliding doors on a ride for children. There are no benches or chairs to sit down on like in other Walmarts up north. It is a little inconvenient but the air conditioning makes up for it. Outside it is 92F so it is better to be here instead of outside for Harpo and me as well.

Let’s do it the dumbest possible way? Wait a minute, that sounds familiar, I think and


Groucho, Chico & Harpo Marx

labsGroucho was our first (black) labrador. He was a rascal who never grew up and unexpectedly died of cancer at the age of 10. Chico, number two, was a very friendly and cozy dog until he also died of cancer.
Harpo is about two and a half now. Like almost all labradors, he is always eager to please just about anybody. He would help a burglar offering a helping paw and watch out for the police. He usually acts like he is starving to death at all times even immediately after supper and is a dedicated if not fanatic soccer player. He practises a lot with an old soccer ball but still fails to fully grasp the complicated rules.

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