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Alpine Washington


20190507_132055Screenshot_20190507-190416_My_Tracks[1]The disadvantage of driving with a car that is not on the market here is that parts sometimes are difficult to get. The red light comes on and in the dashboard a message appears and commands a new set of brake pads. We pay a visit to the Volkswagen dealer in Burlington, Washington. Everybody is excited about the unknown car but when it comes to brake pads, well. that’ll take a while. Danielle who takes care of us is very helpful but she cannot bake them in the oven of her kitchen either. It gives us the chance stay in the area and take some time off, some days of vacation, so to speak. We do not want to be in Idaho before the middle of May anyway. Almost all campgrounds in Yellowstone Park are still closed and so are some roads – no reason to hurry. We’ll take a look at Skagit and Snohomish counties north of Seattle.

We passed the night on a rest area near Arlington. I admit that I had the bright idea to stay close to the truck parking. It’ll be quiet there, no RVs with nerve killing generators, so I spoke. Little did I know. First of all trucks come and go all night long and American trucks are loud compared to European trucks which have the motor capsuled under the cabin. And then these trucks have generators too, so there is no difference to RVs. To cut it short, it was loud all night long.


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