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New Mexico, Arizona

… and now Nevada. Honestly, I had intended to write something in this blog at least twice a week but everything is moving so fast that I am able to take notes, but don’t have the time to get something on paper. We were totally unprepared for Mexico and I wonder how we could have been. Santa Fe was a revelation and so was the whole state. I have to cover this later and I am looking forward to it. We still don’t have a plan where to travel. Whenever we meet people and they ask us where we are going next we say well, actually we don’t know. We look for the weather and decide accordingly. We left Louisiana in a hurry because it was so humid and hot. This didn’t get any better in the north of Texas and so we left for higher grounds in New Mexico. We stayed there for almost 2 weeks and took a complete round trip through the state before we moved on to Arizona. It is now getting very cold in the northern part of Arizona and in the Grand Canyon area and so we moved on to the western part of the state which borders on Nevada.

In Seligman, Arizona, we met the mother road again, Route 66. The little toen has totally dedicated itself to the myth of this highway, which still exists in this part of the country. ute 66 is mostla replaced by US Interstadte 40 and onla relatively small portions of it are still in operation such as the stretch between Seligman ang Kingman, Arizona. Generally highways are in verx good shape in the US states we went through, Route 66 is an exception in so far as it seems neglected – for good reason, because it doesn’t really serve a purpose any more.

Harpo is doing fine. We do not have any problems running around with him and since we look for restaurants where we can sit outside we don’t have a problem taking him along. Today he and Ulla met a coyote outside the little village we stay in. He was all excited nd that didn’t change when They met a mule who was crossing the road all by himself. Yup, things are different alright.

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