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Malibu–Santa Barbara, CA

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Screenshot_20190411-190032_PhotoMapWe left Malibu Beach and took PCH westward. The Pacific Coast Highway is no freeway but still a highway and the simple rule is – the faster you go the less you see. We avoid highways, but that is not always possible. This time we just took Coral Canyon Road to see a little bit of the countryside. It was well worth it. The hills to both sides of the winding road were all covered with yellow flowers and the early morning sun sculptured the landscape like in the Miniature Wonderland in Hamburg. It was very beautiful to be modest.

20190411_090641IMG_5781Breakfast at 9 am and we had almost finished when seven trucks of the local power company arrived on the scene. I do not know what they were up to but looking at the power lines I can imagine that there is plenty of work all the time. What happens to the lines anyway when there is a fire?

We drove through America’s vegetable garden to Oxnard, Ventura and on winding country roads to the beach in Santa Barbara. If you do not leave the beaten path once in a while you come home with the impression that Americans always drive on freeways or large highways. But if you go into the countryside of the California coast you find roads just as winding and narrow as in the hills of the Côte d’Azur. And corners that are just as pittoresque as in the South of France.

IMG_5790The mission in Santa Barbara looks like the mother of all missions. For the Spaniards coming from Mexico in the 16th century Santa Barbara must have been very important. The shop was closed so we skipped the self guiding tour. It would have been a hassel anyway since it was too hot to leave Harpo in the car.

Tonight we stay at a place on top of the mountains of Santa Barbara. It is a very remote spot on a road which will be closed tomorrow morning at 7 am because of road work, at least that is what a sign says in the middle of the road. Why in the world did they not put it at the beginning of the road? Anyway, I will have to get up at six to drive down to the valley. It is nice here but there’s no reason to exaggerate and stay the whole day.

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