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Leaving the Badlands


The fun of travelling in small vehicles e.g. bikes and motorcycles, cars and vans is the ability to leave the beaten path. Sometimes this just does not work for a number of reasons and you are left with a Walmart parking or an RV park, where they stack you like trucks at a truck stop. When we stopped here just outside the Badlands in South Dakota I park the car at the edge of the rim and go over to the neighbors who park half a mile down the road. “How do you like your spot”, I ask and they laugh. “Best place we ever had. That’s why we are doing this, don’t we?” Right.

Ultimate_HDR_Camera_20190603_090401The stove in the our car is broke. You can still ignite the gas but after a couple of seconds it dies down and won’t start again. We bought a simple stove yesterday to make coffee. After a good breakfast in the sun we leave the Badlands and head to our next stop, Mitchell, South Dakota. The landscape changes pretty quick. The badlands give way to grassland. An hour later the first fields appear and in Kennebec, 20 miles before the Missouri crossing, the first elevators make their debut on the scene, huge corn silos – the cathedrals of the west they have been called and rightly so..


Ahead of us lots of miles of straight highways


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