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Jana, Justin & Johanna


We took the ferry to Whidbey Island, the island Elizabeth George staged some of her novels at. After visiting the Water Festival in Coupe Ville, listening to some life music, a guitar and violin thing, and walking up and down main street, we visited Jana and Justin with their little daughter Johanna. Jana comes from our home town in Germany and married Justin seven years ago. She teaches at the local high school and lives with her family on a bluff by the sea, looking over the ocean, watching bold eagles over and ocras in the ocean. The

home was clean as a whistle, no toys in the corners like we used to have in our home. “Jana and Justin must either love their home like that, or she cleaned up before we came”, Ulla said. I had not noticed as usual, it’s probably a women thing. Harpo tried to get a piece of the Marmorkuchen but did not succeed. Apart from that  he did well.


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