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South Dakota

Corn Palace - something for vegetarians

In the 19teens shortly before Mitchell, Mitchell, South Dakota had the splendid idea to build a hall and call it the Corn Palace, It was decorated with real corn ears. South Dakota was not well-known for its corn cultivation at the time, and the hall was supposed to advertise growing more corn, which Americans call corn. The first event in the new hall was a great success and the Corn Festival of Mitchell was born. Since then, sports and entertainment events have been held there. The decoration on the outside and inside is made of corncobs, which are supplied in different colors by the farmers in the area.


Today and 1915


Leaving the badlands


Walmart parking or at RV park, where they are stack of trucks at a truck stop. Who parked here just outside the Badlands in South Dakota I park the car at the edge of the rim and go to the neighbors who parked a mile down the road. "How do you like your spot", I ask and they laugh. "Best place we ever had. That's why we're doing this, do not we? "Right.

Ultimate_HDR_Camera_20190603_090401The stove is broken. You can still ignite the gas but after a couple of seconds it is down and will not start again. We bought a simple stove yesterday to make coffee. After a good breakfast in the sun we leave the Badlands and head to our next stop, Mitchell, South Dakota. The landscape changes pretty quick. The badlands give way to grassland. An hour later the first appear in Kennebec, 20 miles before the Missouri crossing, the first elevators make their debut on the scene, huge corn silos - the cathedrals of the west they have been called and rightly so ..


Ahead of us lots of miles of straight highways


Get out

The FAZ has brought an article about camping: There it says:


"Why do you all want to camp suddenly? And is camping the solution to all our problems? About a holiday form that is changing and developing a pretty good new style. "

"The dream: A blue VW bus stands with the roof tent in a pine forest, the sandy bottom falls off to the water, where a few bottles cool; on a gas cooker the steam rises from the pasta pot into the dusk. Read more

Rapid City, SD


Visit to the Free Evangelical Church in Rapid City, South Dakota. The community built on a green field a few years ago because of the strong growth. The hall for about 600 people is full when we arrive. It's like home. The sermon "goes" over the psalm 26. A team of teenagers and young adults is going off to a missionary camp in Tijuna.



Washington looks from above


It was very different. I had expected a Hollywood-style overdose of patriotism on Mount Rushmore, which is occasionally given to us in America, but is abused by abuse during the National Socialist era. It was not like that, it was more of a festival for democracy, Read more

The Berlin Wall Memorial in Rapid City, South Dakota


The nice thing about traveling without a great roadmap is the reliability with which you come across the unexpected, the surprising. For example, on the Wall Memorial in Rapid City, South Dakota. I have no idea how these East Berlin wall parts came to South Dakota, but maybe it was with the 747 from American Airlines, in which I 1990 on a flight Read more

Side roads - Scenic Byways

Of all the scenic side routes, these two are likely to be among the first in the world.

The Needles byway is pure nature. It leads through a rugged rocky landscape reminiscent of the Dolomites in Italy. He has his name from two tunnel passages, which are so narrow that the comparison with the bottleneck, the needles eye, more than justified.


The Iron Mountain Road, on the other hand, is a carefully planned road with spiral pitch circles, as they are known from railway construction, and tunnels, whose passage in the end you have exactly the rocks with the four presidents in view. There are also wooden bridges, as you rarely see them. A road to enjoy the joy of driving. Fold back the top and enjoy the ride is it [called. Alternatively we opened the windows.



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