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Leavenworth, WA

Ultimate_HDR_Camera_20190520_174011I prefer to write this in German, because I do not know exactly what comes out when I try it in English. I tend to exaggerate and in this case I have to stick with it. It's about the quirky history of Leavenworth, Washington, about two and a half hours southeast of Seattle. Surrounded by mountains with a lot of snow in winter, this town, to make it short, lies in the middle of the forest. It was created in connection with the construction of the railway from east to west, which 1893 was completed with the cooperation of the Chinese. 1903 emerges from Clinton, Iowa, a certain Lafayette Lamb, who builds the second largest sawmill in the state of Washington at the point where the city would later emerge.

Ultimate_HDR_Camera_Original_20190520_173559That's pretty much the only thing you can reasonably do in this area. The small town in the forest on the railway line grew as the head office of the Great Northern Railroad was settled here. Administrative jobs are usually good for developing a city. They do not need any special areas, do little dirt and usually do not pollute the air excessively. A railway administration and a sawmill and a stop for the railway can be enough to start a city. Continue reading


Volkswagen dealers in Burlington, WA so we'll continue our return crossing hopefully today. It's about time to get back on the road. The Northwest is indefinitely. Leavenworth, WA is next, then Spokane, Missoula, Yellowstone, Eldon, Chicago, NYC, Witten, Esparron-de-Verdon. That's the plan. Well, plan is definitely too much, it's more a sketch. We never know where we'll go next.

Thank you Tesla

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Tesla Model 3 vs Mazda 323

Tesla has managed to get a car on the road with the 3 model, which seamlessly follows the charm of the legendary Mazda 323. A very special achievement and not very easy to accomplish.

With the 323, Mazda 1963 created a small family car that appeared in many markets around the world before it was discontinued. The Mazda 2003 in white was considered an invisible car by the Los Angeles police in its day. No matter where you were, Continue reading


20190518_143052 X

At Washington Park in Anacontes, we happened upon a bully meeting. The front here should be built year 1967. Because of the split windshield, I thought he was older. And he's still running, even better after installing a Porsche engine on him. He has seen Alaska and the entire US and is cared for from morning to night. In addition there were about 12 other Volkswagen of different years, which had gathered for the weekend. The cars are loved. A man was close to tears. He himself had such a, 1967 was that. "Best years of my life"

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Harpo is back

Harpo is back. Haupsache.

20190507_132110Afterwards, I blamed myself for not telling you about the deer that I saw grazing in the evening in Anacortes, Washington between the cars in the big parking lot at the marina. Totally unimpressed by moving cars, motorcycles let alone people nearby they stood there and were eating. From time to time they looked up, obviously not looking for more attention. Good that Harpo has not spotted her already there. Because no hunting dog was lost to him, he is a hunting dog, and we did not teach him that. As soon as he smells or sees wild animals, he gets wild and wants to chase after them. Deer, deer, coyotes, raccoons, rabbits and tons of squirrels in public parks are a constant challenge in America. That's why we usually keep him on a leash, because otherwise we have to fear that he hisses and does not find his way back. We do not really know if he will find his way back to us and we prefer not to take the risk.

Yesterday morning Ulla and Harpo made their rounds. In the immediate vicinity starts a Rotary Park with beautiful paths and a disc golf course, which pulls up the mountain to a viewing platform. Back in the park, they met Gill, a New Zealander who now lives in Salt Lake and is in Anacortes with her big RV and black and white spiked to sell a motorboat. She bought it half a year ago, but then found that it was actually too far from Salt Lake to Anacortes and that she actually did not use it for such a boat. Now she wants to sell it at the current boat show. Gill and Ulla went with the two dogs on the way to the viewpoint. The deer came over. Gills dog obeyed a simple "Stay" command, Harpo heard nothing and saw only red. And then the search started.

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Disc golf


20190507_085326The Rotary Club of Arlington, WA established a golf course in the middle of a forest not far from the center of the city. Disc golf is played like golf only you throw discs instead of hitting balls. I would like to try it one day. T-off and get one.


Alpine Washington


20190507_132055Screenshot_20190507-190416_My_Tracks [1]The red light comes on and in the dashboard a message appears and commands a new set of brake pads. We pay a visit to the Volkswagen dealership in Burlington, Washington. Everybody is excited about the unknown car when it comes to brake pads, well. that'll take a while. Danielle who takes care of her husband or wife. It gives us the chance to stay in the area and take some time off, some days of vacation, so to speak. We do not want to be in Idaho before the middle of May anyway. Almost all campgrounds at Yellowstone Park are quiet and so are some roads - no reason to hurry. We'll take a look at Skagit and Snohomish counties north of Seattle.

We passed the night in Arlington. I admit that I had the bright idea to stay close to the truck parking. It'll be quiet there, no RVs with nerve killing generators, so I spoke. Little did I know. The trucks are all taken over the cabin. And then these trucks have generators too, so there is no difference to RVs. To cut it short, it was loud all night long.

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Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

20190503_131735Towards the end of his life American novelist James A. Michener wrote a book about America "This noble country". Having lived in a large number of countries he looked at his home country both loving and critical. The widening gap between rich and poor and the undisported distribution of wealth was something he did not like. It's easy to see that we'll have a revolution in America within the next 50 years. Specifically he mentioned Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft who had started to build a mansion close to Seatle. It remains to be seen what our successful entrepreneurs do with their wealth, Michener thought.

The distribution of wealth in America is unchanged. America has never succeeded in forming a society of solidarity. The gap between poor and rich is widening and at the moment the disparity is growing at record speed. Michener would have been pleased with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

We went there and found a tableau for the "Eradicate polio" project. It was invented and started by Rotarians. In recent years the Gates Foundation has joined the project with substantial means. The end of polio is near but not there yet.

Jana, Justin & Johanna


We have visited the Whiskey Island, the island of Elizabeth George. We are visiting the Water Festival in Coupe Ville Jana and Justin with their little daughter Johanna. Jana comes from our home town in Germany and married Justin seven years ago. She teaches at the local high school and lives on a bluff by the sea, looking over the ocean, watching bold eagles and ocean in the ocean. The

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Boeing, boeing

IMG_8743 [1]

Screenshot_20190503-070807_PhotoMap [1]I have seen cathedrals and castles in my life. Not that I do not want to either. That's why I started doing a long time ago. I like to see what people do. It's not that easy in America. Yes, there are plenty of things to do, plus chocolate is not exactly American. Mercedes Benz in Alabama, where they produce large SUVs like the GLE and GLS series - closed because of retooling. The BMW is planning to retool and Volkswagen in Chattanooga in South Carolina. But now in Seattle, Everett is planning to offer tours year round.

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