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New Mexico, Arizona

... and now Nevada. Honestly, I've had to write something in this blog at least twice a week but everything is moving. We were totally unprepared for Mexico and I wonder how we've had. Santa Fe was a revelation and so was the whole state. I have to cover this later and I am looking forward to it. We still do not have a plan where to travel. Whenever we meet people and they ask us where we are going next we say well, actually we do not know. We look for the weather and decide accordingly. We left Louisiana in a hurry because it was so humid and hot. This did not get any better in the north of Texas and so left for higher grounds in New Mexico. 2 took a whole trip through the state before we left on Arizona. It is now getting cold in the northern part of Arizona and in the Grand Canyon area.

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High-level radio

coinsThe sun bids farewell on the high plateau in northern Texas with a pretty fair play of colors, the coyotes howl and it gets cold. The country is quiet and divided, and depending on which radio station you hear, you go into one or the other information bubble.
Tomorrow is the Senate hearing on Judge Brad Kavanagh, the Republican proposal for the post of Supreme Court Judge, the Constitutional Court. His choice is controversial. The Democrats (about like SPD - Green - Left, too Liberals want to prevent him, because he is too conservative for them, the Republicans (Conservatives, ie about CDU - CSU - FDP - AFD) want to bring him through because he just conservative enough.

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Church III

P1710420_1_2 xxx

Tomorrow is Sunday and we are in the middle of bible belt in the south of the United States. We have New Iberia A city that I really wanted to visit already because of Dave Robicheaux, the police detective at New Iberia Parish, but I'll come to that. We want to cross to the north of Louisiana and then Texas. Texas is huge and, as you can read, little varied, which is why we want to go to New Mexico. In addition, it is still unusually warm down here in the south, damp and, above all, much too warm for camping at night without air conditioning. You sweat and have to close all the windows because of the mosquitoes at the same time, not a good combination. To make matters worse, Harpo hisses in front of him in front of him. He is also too warm, no wonder in the thick coat.

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Harpo in Nashville, TN

1700662-01"Let's do it the dumbest way possible" is written by Harpo. We are in the little entrance hall of a Walmart in Nashville, Tennessee, waiting for Ulla who was shopping inside shampoo. Walmart Supercenter is huge and you can not come out of these stores in less than an hour. I'm sitting to the left of the sliding doors on a ride for children. There are no benches or chairs to sit on on. It is a little inconvenient but the air conditioning makes up for it. Outside it is 92F so it's better to be outside of Harpo and me as well.

Let's do it the dumbest possible way? Wait a minute, that sounds familiar, I think and

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American Parkways

HM_20180910_095023x x

Even if you do not like to drive your car in the tedious traffic of your hometown you will love the American park ways. I had heard of them but I did not know what they were all about. In one word it's a wonderful way to experience a landscape by car. Driving on

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Oh Florence

florence1 Astronaut Alexander Gerst posted this photo on Twitter of Hurricane Florence on Wednesday, September 12, saying, "Ever stared down the gaping eye of a (Category 4) hurricane? It's chilling, even from space. "Gerst is aboard the International Space Station. CNN
florence2 North Carolina, Tennessee and Georgia heading for Chatanooga, GA.

Great Smoky Gatlinburg Tennessee

Gatlinburg TN

Coming from Cherokee, North Carolina, after crossing the Great Smoky National Park, which is exactly what the name stands for, a great smoky national park, the park with the most visitors after all, you come to Gatlinburg, which presents itself as a las Vegas-for-the-poor, a Disney-land-under, a fantasy-less-land. It just will not fit.

On the road

Harpo (1) _2) _3)For three weeks now we are in the East of the US on the road and it has rained only once at night. Strange, I thought so, the vegetation is really lush everywhere, the trees are much larger and better built than ours, which is actually only with a lot of rain. Then, at three o'clock in the morning, a thunderclap at the beginning, followed by a rainstorm that leaves no eye dry. This does not stop until the morning, and when we leave for the Blue Ridge Parkway at about eight o'clock, the pleasant 73 ℉ makes it clear. Since we do not follow any elaborate travel plan, we rely on continuous online contact, and that is not always the case. Especially in the

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Virginia Sky Drive_0023_4_5In the fall of 1961, John Steinbeck had already written some of his masterpieces of world literature, eg The grapes of wrath, East of Eden, Canary rowGeneral Motors pickup truck with camper shell and his chariot Charley with him.

He called the truck Rocinante

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20180826_113859When John Steinbeck made his tour of the United States at the beginning of the 60 years because he believed he had lost his sense of America, he decided to go to church on Sundays, with a different denomination every Sunday. Not a bad idea, I thought, and Ulla agreed. Usually we do not go to church on vacation, for reasons that have remained hidden to this day. But since you can not talk about holidays any more during a tour lasting several months, the matter was clear.

At Waterfront, New York State, I was on

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