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Behinderten gerecht

Was wirklich anders ist in Amerika, ist die Art und Weise, wie für Behinderte gesorgt wird. Das betrifft nicht nur die Zahl der Parkplätze sondern alle nur erdenklichen Zugänge. Hier z. B. ist es der rollstuhlgerechte Zugang zu einem kleinen Waschhaus mit Duschen und Toiletten. Das Programm wurde unter der Präsidentschaft von George W. Bush aufgelegt und hat Amerika sehr zum Positiven verändert.


Crestridge, CA – Red Mountain – San Bernardino – Yucca Valley

Screenshot_20190406-204527_My TracksWhen we crossed the San Bernardino county line the first thing that greeted us was a white sign advertising littering fines of 1000 Dollars. That is a good offer, but this business is left to the regulation of the states and others can definitely do better. In Louisiana e.g. littering fines start at 250 Dollars, a lot better deal than in California.

We stopped to get the drone in the air and take some pictures of the desert in spring. Yellow and blue flowers covered the ground between the sage scrubs, it looked awesome.

Red Mountain is one of the ghost towns that never made it into any guide of the area and absolute rightly so. The city is nothing short of a junkyard. I had to stop anyway to do a little documentation because nobody else did and will ever do probably. If you ever come to this area, keep on going, don’t stop. It’s not worth it. However, some people are still living there and who knows perhaps they like it because they know better than us passersby. I have always wondered in remote places what makes people stay there and I’m sure there is something I just fail to see.

State highway 395 past Red Mountain is a perfectly straight stretch of almost 100 kilometers straight ahead without any curve. Daylight lighting is mandatory and since the street is agonizingly dull it is dangerous. That’s probably why they declared it a road safety zone, whatever that is.

We are passing a logistics airport in Victorville and a gigantic geothermal plantation before Cramer Junction with Interstate 15. In Applevalley the atmosphere of the scenery changes significantly, you finally have the feeling to arrive in California. The red roofs of the houses, the well kept gardens, the flowerbeds and trimmed trees, it seems like everybody tries to contribute to a pleasant feeling.

DJI_0266 20190406_114459 20190406_113946


Volkswagen SLC – 6 Jahre Garantie


We had parked our car in the garage near the airport in Salt Lake City and since the battery was dead after so many months Michelle took care of hauling it to the Volkswagen dealership in Salt Lake City. There I met Malik who had taken care of us from the beginning.

He told me that he came from Bosnia originally, had to leave his country during the war, stayed some years in Munich and was to go back to Bosnia after the war or to another country. So he chose the US and was glad to get a green card after a long while. Now he runs the service department of Volkswagen Strong in Salt Lake on South Main Street. They run a very modern and exceptionally clean, almost septic operation.

Did he have any problems with the service? Well, he said, it wasn’t like any other car,  that’s for sure. This


San Francisco–Sacramento–Park City

hpnevadaWe did not spend much time in San Francisco, but as is likely to happen with great names it was a nice feeling just to be there. In setting sun under a fading sky of blue and pink we drove from the airport through the city and admired the new high risers that are currently under construction. It was getting dark when we finally headed to Sacramento. The next morning we took Interstate 80 to Tahoe National Forest. Snow was covering firs and mountain tops and when we arrived at the Donner pass it was snowing hard. But only for a little while. We made it to gambling Reno without problems and when we stopped for gas in Lovelock, which is basically a large gas station and parking in the desert, we did not have snow on our minds any longer.

I like the desert. No trees Weiterlesen



Do I remember correctly? It’s the female mosquito that stings like hell, isn’t it? Let’s check out Wikipedia: “Mosquitoes are small, midge-like flies that constitute the family Culicidae. Females of most species are ectoparasites, whose tube-like mouthparts pierce the hosts‘ skin to consume blood. The word „mosquito“ is Spanish for „little fly“.”

Little fly, my foot, if that isn’t the euphemism of the day. So the females sting. The males are harmless little creatures, peaceful minded going about their business not disturbing anyone’s sleep, while their wives fly around and sting people night and day. Mother Nature and gender equality,


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